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Quick & Painless Way to

Remove Sun Spots & Skin Tags

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What is CryoClear?


CryoClear® gently freezes dead skin cells in the upper layer of the skin to treat age spots, sun spots, and skin tags.

  • Takes 10 minutes

  • Painless

  • Virtually no downtime

  • 90% of clients see complete resolution after their first CryoClear treatment.

CryoClear works by freezing the target area no further than 2mm at -79 degrees C, where only the epidermal skin layers exist.


It removes unwanted lesions with Carbon Dioxide (CO2). An ice ball forms on top of the epidermis but does not penetrate into deeper layers (where blood vessels, hair follicles, lymph vessels, and sweat glands exist). 

Before & After

Skin Tags

CryoClear causes the lesion to go through 4 stages before the final result.

Before Treatment

Post Treatment

First, the treated lesion will become red.

Day 7

Next, the lesion  darken and falls off to reveal new pink healthy skin.

Day 28

The final phase allows skin cell turnover to gradually grow over the 28-day process.

Age Spots

Before Treatment

Day 14

Day 28

Day 60


Repair. Renew. Rejoice

The all-new, clearly better

Cryotherapy Solution.

CryoClear uses Carbon Dioxide (carbonic acid) to freeze the affected area which causes the body to slough off the treated tissue with healthy skin growing back in 12 to 30 days.

Your total in-spa treatment time for CryoClear is less than 15 minutes and you have no lifestyle restrictions.

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Solution Removes.

CryoClear minimizes the risk of scarring, blistering and hypopigmentation that can usually be associated with much colder forms of cryotherapy.


  • Sun Spots

  • Skin Tags

  • Age Spots

  • Cherry Angiomas

  • Spider Veins (face only)

  • Acne (scars only

Gentle, Safer Way to Say Goodbye to Spots & Tags

Who's Le Caprice Paris 

Le Caprice stands apart as a spa and skin rejuvenation company because we’re a hybrid between being an “aesthetic medical spa” and a more limited-service “day spa.”
We offer the finest anti-aging skin care products combined with the latest non-surgical treatments in a boutique client-centered health day spa environment.​​

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