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Get a Hydradermabrasion Facial

Pharmaciopy Diamond Age Defying Cream

ONLY $99.99

Retail Value - $349

Hydradermabrasion uses a custom treatment that distributes moisture, peptides and serums to the skin to exfoliate and increase hydration.
This facial utilizes the healing powers of oxygen, water and skin care solutions to leave your skin exfoliated and refreshed without the use of hard crystals or coarse textured wands.
  • Improves Skin Texture
  • Exfoliates the Skin
  • Reduces Age Spot's Visibility
  • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
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Plus You'll Get...
Pharmaciopy Diamond Age Defying Cream

  • A gentle, quick absorbing rich moisturizer that helps restore your skin's flexibility and protects against dry skin.
  • This exclusive complex cream contains diamond dust that helps with blood circulation, collagen production, and moisturizes the skin.